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About Us
Hironic prides itself for staying at the cutting edge of technology.

Corporate Culture

Hironic’s corporate culture is based on happiness.
Hironic promotes a happy life for all its members by fostering individual career growth and contributes to society by developing technologies based on happiness
  • 1Hironic’s primary responsibility is to all the medical doctors, nurses, patients and others who use its products and services.
    • Hironic must provide the best products and services in order to meet customers’ needs.
    • Hironic must strive to provide competitive products and services through efforts to reduce costs.
    • Hironic must respond to customers’orders swiftly and completely.
    • Hironic must provide its partners with opportunities to obtain reasonable profits.
  • 2Hironic’s second responsibility is toits employees.
    • The employees of Hironic must respect and cooperate with one another.
    • Hironic must provide fair and equal opportunities to its employees based on their efforts and performances.
    • Hironic must provide an environment where employees can feel free toexpress their complaintsand suggest ideas.
    • Hironic must establish a pleasant, well-organized and secure working environment where employees can work safely.
    • Hironic must secure excellent executives and managers who work in accordance with high standards of ethics.
  • 3Hironic’s Third responsibility is Living and workingthe Community and national Also World Community
    • Hironic must As a well-conditioned member should own duty and right.
    • Hironic must We should strive to improve the quality of life and happiness of belonging to the community members.
    • Hironic All the facilities that are provided to us should be Maintaining in the best conditions and should be always practice environmental protection.
  • 4Hironic’s Last responsibility is the responsibility of our shareholders
    • Hironic must realize wholesome profit with Transparent decision-making and efficient management activities.
    • Hironic must increase the value of the company Through continuous management innovation and growth strategy.
    • Hironic must Overcoming of risks and Increasingly Decrease the the case of failure Through unremitting efforts and preparations.
    • Hironic must introducing a new equipment and facilities and developing new products. also it should devise countermeasures in preparation for adversity always.
    • Hironic must enable shareholders to receive dividends rightful By the business Based on the these principles.
The Bucket List
  • Childrens chool expenses Support (SUCCESS)

  • Want to joining Company Selection

  • Best restroom Provision (SUCCESS)

  • Great hironic's Office Building (SUCCESS)

  • Healing Travel Institution (SUCCESS)

  • Incentive 600%

  • Employees Overseas workshop

  • Lunch offer (SUCCESS)

  • Cafeteria Operating

  • Self-development costs Support (SUCCESS)